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About Us

Hundreds of years in Combined Experience!!

Westside Service Center opened for business on February, 26th, 1996. It was founded by Godfrey and Irene Lewis.

*Godfrey has owned and operated four car repair businesses since he started working for himself in 1973. Westside Service Center prides itself in its customer service and attention to detail. Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible. We take pleasure in delivering the best care to your car, and explaining car problems to our customers in words that they can understand.
We recognize the need for understanding when it comes to your car because your car is an investment.

*Godfrey retired in 2015 and handed the reins to his son Aaron who has worked closely with him most his life.  Sadly, Godfrey passed away in early 2017... But his mission lives on....

Thanks to You!! Our Customers.

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